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What if your accounts could reconciliate themselves at the end of the month?

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With up to 80% savings vs. manual work, Techteam makes your operations not only smoother, but more profitable.

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IT Services

The cyber-threat is real in Singapore


lost by Singapore businesses in a year because of cyber-attacks


cybercrime cases account for 16.6% of overall crime in Singapore


of Singapore businesses do not have a proper cyber protection


phishing URLs with a Singapore-link detected in a year


singapore-linked website defacements detected in a year


malware variants detected in Singapore in a year

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Our approach

We believe that a healthy IT ecosystem is the combination of strong security and excellent IT maintenance.

We rely on machine learning and AI to predict vulnerabilities and update the security of all your systems. In addition to this, Techteam provides you with a continuous IT support and cybersecurity defense through one centralized and integrated platform.

This ensures that your business is not only protected from any IT downtime or cyber-attack, but also compliant with the latest regulations in data protection and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity packs

compliance only full protection

IT support packs

computers only whole network

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